My 2017 Was Lit!:  Year in Reflection

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Image of 2 cliffs: cliff on the left has 2017 and cliff on the right has 2018. In the middle of the cliff is an animated person leaping towards the cliff with 2018.

Today is the last day of 2017, and as I reflect, I am amazed at all I have experienced.  

This was the year where all of my hard work has come to life, with so many collaborations, interviews, and awesome people I have encountered.  

Even the small hiccups did not derail me – I believe being older and unbothered by foolishness allowed me to remain steadfast.  

Despite the political upheaval, 2017 was very good to and for me.  I know some of us are apprehensive to state if we had wins this year, but please, do not be – celebrate yourself and the good things that transpired for you.  

What were some of my wins in 2017?

  • My traveling game was on a new level.  Visited both coasts, & the major regions of the country.  I never imagined any of these trips in January.  Though I was tired when all of the traveling ended, being a jetsetter has been a goal of mine for the longest.  I look forward for more trips in 2018, hopefully even an international trip that’s in the making.  
  • Being interviewed by creators and podcasters, especially Black women and Blerds.  Emerging myself into Blerd spaces has been a blessing, particularly to connect with other Black women/femmes and develop friendships with them.  Making time to bond with them is important to me because I need more Black women/femmes in my life, and I’ve been unapologetic about doing this.  
  • Receiving awards and recognition for my work.  I’ll let you in on a small secret – I’m the worst at accepting praise for what I do.  I’m better at uplifting/supporting others, but tend to shy away from receiving it in return.  This year, however, has challenged me to work on that, and soak in the love and admiration people have about what I do and why it’s important.  
  • Connecting with influential companies/organizations and individuals.  I have been able to interact with some awesome entities and people that are spearheading trailblazing campaigns and projects.  I am looking forward for some of those interactions to be brought to life in 2018.
  • Living my best carefree disabled Black girl life.  I have grown so much on a personal level.  It is something about being in your 30s that makes you take charge of your joy, time, energy, and peace.  I am out here fulfilling my purpose and taking no shit.  I am out here doing the damn thing, and I have just scratched the surface.  The personal gains I have made, along with the professionals wins, are beyond my wildest dreams, and I thank God for the blessings that will continue to flow.  

I am just so grateful for a busy, robust year.  I know the blog has been quiet, and I missed writing consistently.  However, I believe in quality or quantity, especially when life gets hectic and I may not have the time to devote myself to a piece.  I have a number of blog posts I plan to write, and I am ready to give it to you all.  

Also, I will be launching my Patreon in the first part of the year, so a lot of the blog series ideas I have will be there, as well as other content.  Patreon will be my way of sharing my work and giving you all a “behind the scenes” view of my life.  I am excited about doing this, and I hope you are too.  

Basically, I am nowhere near done – I have just gotten revved up in 2017.  2018 better watch out; I will be taking risks, expanding my brand and voice, and trying new avenues.  I hope you are ready to join me on the ride – buckle up, buttercups!  

(Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of Pixabay.)

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