Calling All Self-Advocates & Allies!

  • Are you a person with a disability who would like to share his/her life story?
  • Are you a college graduate and/or professional with a disability who would like to discuss your experiences in the workforce, and the challenges and successes you have experienced in your particular field?
  • Are you the parent or caregiver of a child or adult with a disability, and would like to share what it is like to raise and/or care for a person with a disability?  Are you interested in having the opportunity to promote awareness about the rare medical conditions of your loved one, and discuss the gap in resources and services currently available in your community and state that negatively affect the livelihood of people with disabilities?
  • Are you a helping professional who works for an organization that serves people with disabilities?  Are you eager to share your work expertise concerning the effectiveness of local, state, and federal programs and policies that impact the quality of services and resources established for people with disabilities?

If you answered YES to ANY of the following questions, Vilissa would love to feature you and your unique story on the Ramp Your Voice! blog!  Please contact her by sending an email to, or by leaving a detailed note in the “Contact Vilissa” tab on the toolbar of the website.
Vilissa is determined to share the experiences of any and everyone who has personal or close experiences on the issues that affect people with disabilities.

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