Celebrating the One Month Launch of Ramp Your Voice!


This week marks one month since the launch of the website!

I truly cannot believe that one month has flown by since the official launch of Ramp Your Voice!  Creating this website has been both a learning and humbling experience for me.  I’m “finessing” (as a good friend of mine would say) the website week after week, making it so that it will attract national and worldwide attention and be viewed as an outstanding model for what a budding disability movement looks like.  Ramp Your Voice! is still in its early stages, but from the comments I have received from those I know & others I do not, it is indeed gaining supporters and recognition for filling in the gap with its main purpose.  I am constantly tinkering with the website, learning the ins and outs of how to format and add new content that will expose the vision and brand to a wider audience.  I am very proud of how Ramp Your Voice! is flourishing, and I will continue to work hard to bring you relevant headlining news, important moments in disability rights history, inspirational stories, and shining a spotlight on self-advocates and allies that fits the vision and purpose of this movement.
With Ramp Your Voice’s one month history in the books, I am eager to witness what is next for Ramp Your Voice! as it enters its second month, its first quarter, its first six months, and its first year in July 2014.  None of this would be possible without your support in the mission and sharing the journey Ramp Your Voice! is embarking on.  All there is left to say is…. thank you and continue to support the movement!
(Featured headlining image;  Courtesy of Pixabay.)


    • Vilissa

      Thanks, Rachel! You’ve been such a big supporter for me with Ramp Your Voice! & as a fellow staff writer for Social Work Helper. I appreciate you sharing & retweeting the links on your pages. 🙂

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