#CripTheVote in SC: New Videos Highlight Voting Rights & Ways to Vote

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Voting in SC

The SC State Primary is less than two weeks away, and I plan to rock my disabled vote as I have done since I became a registered voter at the age of 18.  The voting process as a disabled South Carolinian has changed in many ways, particularly in the area of accessibility with new voting methods being made available.

I have written about the voting rights of disabled South Carolinians and how we can cast our vote on the blog before, but I felt compelled to revisit this topic for the 2016 election year with the emergence of new videos that aims to educate us further on our rights and voting options.  The SC Protection and Advocacy and the South Carolina DisAbility Voting Coalition recently released three voting rights videos that could be considered valuable resources to disabled persons who may be voting for the first time, or are seasoned disabled voters like myself.  Each video addresses a different voting topic, such as how to vote, the different ways a disabled person can vote, and accessibility challenges that may exist at polling places.  

Personally, I was pleased with the diversity of disabled voices and disability types represented in each video, the closed caption accessibility of the videos, and the breakdown of information given that made the voting process feel less complicated to be a part of (even I learned a few new things while watching them).  Arming ourselves with the knowledge of how we can be a powerful voting bloc this election cycle in the Palmetto State is crucial.  Whether you are undecided or know who will get your vote, it is dire to be present and accounted for in 2016.  The power of the disabled vote is one that can truly shake up the political status quo – let’s do just that in the Palmetto State, and across the country.  

If you are a disabled person in South Carolina who wants to understand the voting process better, please watch the following videos, and Crip The Vote on Tuesday, June 14th for the SC State Primary, and on Tuesday, November 8th for the General Election.  


Registering to Vote


Ways to Vote


Voting Accessibility in SC


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I want to give a special thank you to Gregg Beratan, Alice Wong, & Andrew Pulrang for granting me permission to use the #CripTheVote hashtag for this blog post.  #CripTheVote is the online political campaign they established to bring forth the voices and issues that matters to disabled people, and educate and raise awareness about the disability agenda to our elected officials in all levels of government.

To learn more about the #CripTheVote campaign, visit the #CripTheVote:  Our Voices, Our Vote webpage, and follow the campaign on its Facebook page.


(Featured headlining stock image:  Courtesy of Pixabay.)

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