Disability Advocates, Share Your 2016 Resolutions & Goals!

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A new year brings us great hope, determination, and excitement of what we believe we can accomplish over the next 12 months.  I know that this is especially true for disabled advocates like myself, who are relentlessly focused on making our lives and the lives of the largest minority group in America and globally better than it was the previous year.

For this week’s post, I want to take the time to ask you, my fellow disabled advocates, what are your disability advocacy resolutions and goals for 2016.  Are you aiming to write more articles, do more interviews, or podcast/tweet/vlog about ableism and discrimination that disadvantages us?  Become politically active during the election year?  Or focus more on your personal plight, taking better care of you and demanding that your existence and voice is respected?  Whatever your plans are for this year, know that they are valuable and valid, and will make a difference, whether small or grand.  

My Goals for 2016

For me, I plan to make 2016 the year where I strive to achieve the following:  

  • Allow myself to connect with more like-minded advocates and allies;
  • Share my writings and voice on platforms that are empowering and reach a diverse audience;
  • Interview more disabled women of color on the blog;
  • Expand the social media reach of RYV!;
  • Share about the disabled and black experience through presentations, speeches, and interviews;
  • Write my children’s book that will spotlight an important experience from my childhood as a disabled black girl; and
  • Continue to find ways to grow RYV! into the powerhouse advocacy organization I know it can be.  

One more thing to add to the list:  live boldly and freely, even in the middle of the major life transition I’m undergoing.  

Call for Action:  Ramp Your Voices!

Share your resolutions and goals for 2016 with me.  I want to know what you are preparing to fight for, and if I can, support and encourage you in your endeavors.  Let’s make 2016 our year!  

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