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Logo design of the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ podcast

The blog has been quiet for awhile, and that is due to all that I have been getting into recently.

First is the new adventure I am on – I am the co-host of the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ podcast, which made its debut on the CSPN network last week.  This podcast is politically-focused, and I am leading it with Neal Carter.  Neal approached me earlier this summer about the idea, and I jumped on the opportunity.  

Podcasts has become a new fave of mine, especially since I work from home and can listen to commentary while working.  (It is less distracting and more entertaining than television.)  I have wanted to host a podcast for awhile, but was not keen on going at it solo or learning the audio technician needs.  When this opportunity came about, it fit the bill and eliminated the hesitations I had.  

If you know me well, you will understand that I have an interest in politics, which was influenced by my Grandmother (Big V) growing up.  Having the chance to discuss politics in a way that is relatable is imperative with the times we are living in.  Plus, it allows an intersectional perspective to be inserted within politics, which is grossly missing at the moment.  

The responses to our premiere episode has been phenomenal, and I am elated to be on this new journey with Neal; he is someone I respect and have the privilege to call a friend.  

Take a listen to our first episode and access the transcript here:  Premiere Episode.

You can find the podcast on Twitter @WheelDealPod, and by using the hashtag #WheelDealPod.

Along with the podcast debut, I have been traveling.  Late July, I attended the NCIL conference for the first time.  While there, I was able to do some work for my team, as well as see some new and familiar faces.  The main reason I attended was with the hope of being elected on the NCIL Board as a Member At-Large.  I was elected to the Board, and am proud to be one of the handful of young people (under 35) to be a part of this entity.  It will be a two-year term, and I am eager to see what impact my voice and presence will make.  

Photo of the members of the NCIL Board. Image courtesy of Kings Floyd / NCIL

Earlier in August, I attended the Netroots Nation conference, which is the biggest convening of progressives.  I was on a panel with 3 disabled activists – Rebecca Cokley, Kat Perez, and Mia Ives-Rublee.  Together, we discussed how progressive spaces can be more inclusive to disability issues, advocates, and the issues that exist.  It was amazing to be on this panel and have an engaging crowd.  One of the highlights for me was encouraging a Black disabled woman to run for office in her area and to push back on the feedback that she should hide her disability.  We cannot shrink ourselves to make non-disabled/ableds comfortable, particularly when we represent several intersections.  I plan to keep in contact with this young woman and support her journey in office in whatever capacity I can (#SupportSouthernBlackDisabledWomen).  

What stood out to me most about Netroots was the vigil and rally I took part in.  We marched in response to what took place in Charlottesville that very weekend.  Our path led us from the hotel to Georgia State Capitol.  As I was wheeling, I thought about all of the marches that occurred before my time, aimed to rid our society of the very ills we were marching about.  It was also humbling to be alongside the legendary Dolores Huerta, who is 87 years old and still making it her mission to fight for our rights.  I recorded the march on Periscope, and have seen a lot of the features about the march on social media.  It was humbling and energizing to be a part of that moment.  

Image of me marching with Delores Huerta, Kat Perez, and Mia Ives-Rublee. Image courtesy of the Akonadi Foundation.

When I am not jet-setting or being a part of interviews, I have been working on the upcoming projects for RYV!, that will be launching this fall.  I cannot wait to debut the Patreon page and exclusive content I plan to issue to Patrons.  2017 has been the year of new beginnings in my work, and I am looking to end the year stronger than I could have imagined.

So… stay tuned for more posts, updates, and action from me.  🙂  

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