Online Disability Advocacy & Social Work: Survey Participation Needed!

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On Thursday, October 13th, I will be hosting my first Twitter chat as a #MacroSW partner.  I was invited to be a partner for MacroSW (Macro Social Work) over the summer.  Macro social work focuses on “big systems” – advocacy, community building, politics, policy, etc., and how those systems affect how we engage with our communities and how we interact with those systems.  Though I love micro social work, which is direct practice (working with individuals, families, and groups), it is macro social work where I shine and thrive.  Since I am not in a traditional social work role within my advocacy work and now with my new position at WID (World Institute on Disability), it is nice to be among like-minded social workers who love to look at the big picture of the world, and work on solutions to fix the problems that exists.  

For the Twitter chat, me and my social work colleague Casey Bohrman want to engage both of our communities:  social workers and disabled advocates.  For me, my vision for this chat is to educate my colleagues on how to become better allies and practitioners in the work that we are doing in our communities.  Social work greatly impacts the lives of disabled people based on the direct service supports we provide.  If we do not understand disabled people beyond the medical model, charity model, inspiration porn, and pity, then how will we ever be proficient when advocating for rights and ensuring that our presence is effective?  

In order to share our voices and thoughts as disabled advocates, I want to ensure that I get a vast collection of insight from our community.  I decided to develop a survey to capture what we want social workers to understand as far as how we view their role as allies, how they can better use technology to connect with advocates, and what barriers exist in us believing that social workers “get” who we are.  

The survey is a mix of multiple choice questions and short answer responses that will allow us to gauge the temperature the disabled community has towards the social work profession and social workers’ efforts.  It is hoped that this insight will start the reshaping of disability within the profession, and lead to more empowering work and interactions.  

The deadline to participate in the survey will be Thursday, October 6th.  

Here is the link to the survey:  


To learn of the responses to the survey, you can check out the Twitter chat that be on Thursday, October 13th at 9pm EST, and follow the discussion through the MacroSW Twitter page, my Twitter page (@VilissaThompson), & the #MacroSW hashtag.   

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(Special note:  There will not be a blog post next week due to me being out of town & getting into shenanigans, so we’ll resume our blogging adventures the week of October 10th.)

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