Preparing to Pop Wheelies Down the Aisle Soon?: Wedding Planning Tools for Disabled Brides & Grooms

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I know that there will be some lucky disabled brides and grooms putting a ring on it this week.  After the ring, comes the planning, of course!  Wedding planning is stressful as it is, but when you add disability into the mix, it can make brides and grooms worry about how to appropriately and seamlessly incorporate their disability into their special day.

Being someone who hopes that she is afforded the opportunity to pop wheelies down the aisle one day, I wanted to share a few resources I found that may help disabled brides and grooms-to-be.  All of these resources are free to access, and signing-up is hassle-free.  These are resources that I either checked into myself for purposes of writing this article and/or have bookmarked for when it is my time to wear white and to have something borrowed and something blue.
Offbeat Bride’s Disability Tag
Empowering stories and images of disabled brides and grooms are not widely available in popular wedding magazines and websites as they should be.  This lack of representation makes it difficult for disabled people to gauge wedding ideas and helpful advice about what it takes to pull off a wedding that incorporates their disability.
Offbeat Bride is the place for couples who are seeking a supportive online community where they can find creative wedding ceremonies and reception ideas, receive advice from couples preparing to jump the broom, and navigate the whole process from “She/He/They said yes!” to “I do!” by reading the plethora of articles on the Offbeat Bride’s blog.  Offbeat Bride is also one of the few online spaces I have found that has positive and informative examples of disabled brides and grooms, and disabled-friendly ceremonies.
Late last month, Offbeat Bride announced on its Facebook page that it has developed a disability tag that houses all of its articles about weddings of those with disabilities that have been featured on its blog.  When I caught wind of this invaluable resource, I knew that I had to check it out.  Articles within the tag covers a wide range of topics that are important to disabled brides and grooms-to-be, from finding orthopedic wedding footwear to how make your wedding disability-friendly.  All of these topics are useful for couples who have to add a bit more thought into creating a wedding that is adapted to their specific disability needs.
I curated a few articles from the disability tag that caught my eye:
Disabled Brides Corner
Celebrate with this Groom and His Flower-Loving Wheelchair-Rocking Bride
How to Pee in a Dress with a Spinal Injury (Or Just Without Sitting Down)
Kick Ass Wedding Tips for Chronically Ill Brides
Why I’m Not Hiding My Disability At My Wedding
Blind Women Get Married Too
Inclusion:  Creating a Disability-Friendly Wedding
How to Plan a Disability-Friendly Wedding
9 Tips for a Disability-Friendly Wedding (Especially When You’re Not Visibly Disabled)
Inclusion:  Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Not Just Grandpa:  A Field Guide to Hard of Hearing Wedding Guests
Waving the White Napkin and 7 Other Things You See at Deaf Weddings
Accommodating Deaf Wedding Guests
Saying Yes to the Dress!
How to Find a Wheelchair-Friendly Wedding Dress
Panic at the Shop:  4 Secrets to Wedding Dress Shopping When You Have a Panic Disorder
Kicking the Shoes Blues Away!
One Bride’s Search for Chronically Fabulous Footwear
Orthopedic Wedding Footwear – Dare We Say Orthopedic Chic?
The disability tag has other incredible articles available to read for those who want to host the most fabulously accessible and fun wedding anyone has ever attended.  The diversity of the couples and the different types of disabilities featured truly makes this tag exceptional.  I hope that the information and experiences shared will be useful to my followers who are planning their big day.
Online Wedding Planning Resources:  WeddingWire & The Knot
After one reads the wonderful articles curated in the Offbeat Bride’s tag, the next step is to begin planning for the big day.  I became aware of two user-friendly wedding websites that can help couples organize, strategize, and finalize every component of their special day.
WeddingWire and The Knot are free online tools that allows users to capture every planning and arranging specifics of their wedding.  Each website has categories for discovering possible wedding vendors; checklists for all of the big to-dos for THE day; guest list organizer and seating arrangement; budget tracker; finding that special dress and accessories; inspiration boards where you can save decorating and clothing ideas; create your wedding website; and a host of other features that makes this process manageable and less stressful.
What I enjoyed most about these tools was the fact that you can access all of aforementioned features online, and through apps.  Being someone who loves her iPad, I know that I am not the only tech-savvy disabled person who wants to have such details at their fingertips when an idea or inspiration pops up.  Both websites have iOS (WeddingWire/The Knot) and Android (WeddingWire/The Knot) apps available, and from the photo collage below, you can see that both apps (from the iOS/Apple versions of them) have a clean design that allows couples to easily access information about their wedding.  (Click the photo collage to enlarge for better view.)


Signing up for both websites was easy, and I was amazed at the details found within both that will truly be helpful to those utilizing these resources.  Being someone who has a discriminating eye for website design details, both webpages (and app versions) passed the test for me, and I felt that they would be appropriate to share with my readers.
Final Thoughts
Finding and spotlighting wedding resources and tools that are inclusive to those with disabilities is empowering because we do get married, and deserve to access tools that will make us feel just as beautiful or handsome while walking, wheeling, or running down the aisle.
CALL FOR ACTION:  If you are a disabled bride or groom, would the information I shared be helpful to you?
Are there other tools and resources available that I should know about, and feature in an upcoming post on the RYV! blog?  If so, drop me a line in the comments section below!
(Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of StockSnap.  Photo collage is my own, taken from screenshots on my iPad.)

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