Seeking Disabled Women of Color Advocates – Your Voices Are Needed!

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A major goal established for Ramp Your Voice! in 2015 is getting the voices of disabled women, especially women of color, out to the mainstream.  Disabled women of color are the driving force as to why I created Ramp Your Voice! in the first place – the gross disparity of minority voices within the movement troubles me dearly, and it can no longer persist.  If other disability advocacy organizations are neglecting to diversify their outreach efforts to be more inclusive, then why can’t we, disabled people of color, carve out our own niches and refuse to sit around waiting to be discovered?

So far, I have encountered several women of color with disabilities from my personal contacts who would be willing to be interviewed and share their experiences for the blog.  I am eager to hear their stories and share them with my readers and supporters; however, I want to extend my outreach efforts to the masses, which is why I am formally asking each and everyone one of you for your assistance.
Ramp Your Voice! has always been about YOU, and I want YOU to see stories of women who look like us in the community.  Ensuring that diversity exists assists in validating our experiences as people of color who hold membership in three minority groups – being of color, female, and disabled.  If we fail to allow disabled women of color, and disabled girls of color, the opportunity to be represented in this community by increasing the visibility of these advocates, then how can we confidently say that ALL members of the disabled community matter?  We could not.
How You Can Be a Part of this Call for Action, & Have Your Voice Heard:
If you are a disabled woman of color who would like to be interviewed, or know someone who would be interested, please reach out to me.
I can be reached via email at Vilissa@rampyourvoice.com; leave a comment with your interest and contact information below this post in the comments section; or you may leave a comment or send a message via the RYV! Facebook page.
I thoroughly enjoy meeting my disabled Sistas – let’s make the world take notice of us because we refuse to be ignored anymore!
(Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of Pixabay.)

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