Seeking Your Input on What Should Be Published on the RYV! Blog in 2015

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It is the middle of November, and I am already brainstorming and gearing up blog posts ideas for 2015.  I have been incredibly pleased with the exceptional amount of sharing and views of the articles posted on the blog this year.  I aim to continue publishing high-quality, at times controversial, articles that get my readers thinking and taking in 2015.

Now is the Time to Ramp YOUR Voice About What You Want to See on Here:
Since I love hearing from my readers and supporters, I wanted to know what would YOU like to see on the blog.  As I reiterate time and time again, Ramp Your Voice! is for YOU; this has never been about me.  I am just the vessel; you all are the crew members steering this ship.  I want the blog to reflect what is going on in your lives – frustrations with systematic barriers; struggles and happy moments while living with a disability; ways you have conquered succeeding in the work and school environment; resources and tools that have made your life better; the impact of forming friendships and relationships while disabled; and a host of other imperative issues that matters to the largest minority group in the world.
From what I gathered from the number of views and shares of posts published on the blog this year, below are topics that you, the RYV! family, have enjoyed reading and want more of:

  • Love and sex with a disability
  • Interviews with disabled women
  • Gender-specific blog posts about the issues that disabled women face (I received a great email response from a fellow advocate who is a disabled woman of color about the article covering domestic violence and disabled women.)
  • Information about pending policies and legislation that affect the lives of those with disabilities
  • More resources for the “Tools You Can Use” series

All of these themes are essential to discussing the disabled experience to not only those within our own subgroup, but to the mainstream population as well.  There is incredible room to expand on each topic in 2015, and I look forward to doing so on the blog with your input.
Expanding RYV! Reach – Upcoming Podcast & Vlog Series:
Being online, I see so many of us sharing our plights, and I wished that there was a way to gather and display the reflections and epiphanies I witness each day.  One way I plan to turn this into fruition is by creating a podcast and vlog series during the first half of 2015.  Both will allow me to connect with every reader and follower on a more personal level, and hopefully allow YOU to be more interactive on the blog and with the organization.
In order to carry this out to the best of my ability, I NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!!  What would you like to hear on a disability-focused podcast and vlog?  What topics should be covered?  A big aspect of these two series are interviews – who should I interview that has an incredible story to share; who fights tirelessly for disability rights; what organizations and individuals are amazingly resourceful and can share what tools disabled people ca(Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of n use to improve their day-to-day living?  I want what RYV! plans to do to stand out amongst the rest.  Why?  Because it CAN and IS a true game-changer.
Final Thoughts:
I am coming at my readers and supporters early because we have to hit the ground running hard in 2015.  The second year of RYV!’s existence can be epic, but only with your help in making that possible.  Do share your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, etc., with me either by commenting below, or emailing me at Vilissa@rampyourvoice.com.
Everything I do that is connected to RYV! is for you – let’s make 2015 the best year possible.
(Featured headlining images:  Courtesy of Pixabay.)

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